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Home / Effective Strategies / Unlocking Business Potential with WhatsApp API: A Comprehensive Guide using Apidog

Unlocking Business Potential with WhatsApp API: A Comprehensive Guide using Apidog

In this article, we'll dive into what the WhatsApp business API is, how to debug WhatsApp API with Apidog, and explore the pricing structure associated with it.

In today's digital age, communication plays a pivotal role in business success. With messaging apps becoming increasingly popular, platforms like WhatsApp have emerged as vital tools for businesses to engage with their customers. One significant advancement in this realm is the WhatsApp business API, which allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp's messaging capabilities into their own systems and applications, facilitating seamless communication with customers on a platform they already use daily.

In this article, we'll dive into what the WhatsApp business API is, how to debug WhatsApp API with Apidog, and explore the pricing structure associated with it.

What is WhatsApp business API?

The WhatsApp Business API serves as an underlying technology that empowers businesses to control and streamline their interactions on WhatsApp. Rather than utilizing a distinct application or interface like personal users, the API integrates with existing messaging platforms and systems employed by businesses. Its purpose is to facilitate the management of numerous conversations simultaneously, tailor dialogues to individual needs, and enable automated response capabilities – all within the familiar and trusted WhatsApp environment.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API?

Although both of them are commonly used for business communication, WhatsApp provide more features.

wahtsapp api

The WhatsApp Business App is a complimentary offering tailored for small-scale enterprises, while the WhatsApp Business API is a paid service designed to cater to the needs of medium to large businesses. The advanced functionalities of the WhatsApp Business API enable businesses to craft a more personalized communication experience that aligns optimally with the preferences and expectations of their customer base.

AttributesWhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp Business app
Type of usebusinesses with Medium to large customer base.businesses with a small customer base.
communicationCapable of One-to-one and one-to-many messagesOnly one-to-one messages
FeaturesAdvanced capabilities like automated message templates, chatbots, and the ability to handle a large volume of conversations.Regular WhatsApp application.

Make sure to have a clear understanding of your business scale before choosing the application.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API account?

Before applying for an account, contact with different BSP(Business Solution Providers) to ensure your business meets with the requirements.

After verifying that your business satisfies the necessary prerequisites, the next step is to submit an application for a WhatsApp Business API account. This process entails submitting an application through one of WhatsApp's authorized Business Solution Providers, who will then evaluate your application and provide guidance on the subsequent steps to be taken. Selecting a reputable provider in implementing the WhatsApp API is crucial since the process and pricing might differ.

How to use Apidog to Debugging API?

Apidog is an All-in-one API development platform which allows you to easily design, test, and document your API. For the one who wants to test Instagram API, using Apidog is always the easiest solution.

Here are some examples of using Apidog to debug it.


method: POST


cc={country code}
&cert={Valid Cert from Business Manager}
&phone_number={phone number}

replace whatsapp.local with your own business url
replace {} with your unique value
apidog post json

Delete Media Providers:

Method: DELETE
apidog delete request

Mark Message As Read:

Method PUT

mark msg as read with API

What is the pricing in different BSP?

Unlike other API, WhatsApp Business API is billing based on number of conversations section with customers instead of per message. There are couple integration platform offer WhatsApp API services, here below are the pricing in some BSP (Priving publicly disclosed):


One of the leading cloud communications platforms and a WhatsApp Business Solution Provide

Starting at $0.0042 to send a WhatsApp Template message and $0.005 for WhatsApp Session messages.

Vonage (formerly Nexmo):

  • A communication APIs company that provides WhatsApp Business API integration.
  • Pricing $0.0021, applies per Dispatch API call and per message delivered


  • A cloud communications platform offering WhatsApp Business API integration.
  • Starting $0.025 per marketing conversation


  • A BSP provides integration with the WhatsApp Business API, allowing businesses to send and receive messages, set up automated responses, and integrate with other business systems.
  • Price: Different area with different rate, for US: $0.0300 Marketing, $0.0180 Utility, $0.0106 service and $0.0162 Authentication per conversation.


In conclusion, the WhatsApp Business API offers a powerful solution for businesses to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp messaging capabilities into their existing systems and applications. By leveraging this API, companies can streamline customer communication, automate responses, and deliver personalized experiences on a platform that customers are already familiar with and actively using.

To implement the WhatsApp Business API, businesses must apply through an authorized Business Solution Provider (BSP) and meet specific requirements. Debugging and monitoring API interactions can be facilitated using tools like Apidog, which provides valuable insights and troubleshooting capabilities.

It's crucial to carefully evaluate and select a reputable BSP, as pricing structures can vary significantly across providers. Most BSPs charge based on the number of customer conversations rather than per message, with rates ranging from a few cents to over 2 cents per conversation, depending on the message type and provider.

By leveraging the power of the WhatsApp Business API and carefully considering pricing and integration options, businesses can unlock new avenues for customer engagement, driving improved communication, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business success in the digital age.

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