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Apidog Europe

This article is about the Europe version of Apidog.

We are excited to introduce the European site of Apidog, designed specifically to cater to our valued European users. This documentation provides essential information about Apidog's European, highlighting GDPR compliance and how it differs from our international site.


Please be informed that user data is securely stored in the AWS Ireland Region, with backup data securely maintained in the AWS Germany Region.

How to Use Apidog Europe


Web website:




Please note that the accounts for Europe and Global are completely separate and cannot collaborate across regions.

Apidog Data Residency Options

Apidog recognizes the importance of data residency options for our users, offering tailored solutions to meet specific regional requirements. This document outlines the availability of data residency in Europe and its implications for Apidog users.

Distinct Operations of European and International Accounts

TIP Apidog Europe operates independently from the standard Apidog. Apidog Europe accounts are separate and users can not collaborate or share data across regions. This ensures a clear boundary between the two account types.

GDPR Compliance

Apidog is committed to data privacy and protection. Apidog Europe adheres to the stringent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. This compliance ensures that your data is handled with the utmost care, providing you with more control over your personal and sensitive information. To delve deeper into our GDPR compliance, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Europe-Centric Data Storage

Data created or uploaded in Apidog Europe is exclusively stored within Europe. This robust data residency solution aligns with GDPR, safeguarding your project information, files, and other data associated with your account.

Apidog Europe is tailored specifically for European users, with all data residing in Europe and complying with GDPR regulations. If you are located in Europe, we recommend using Apidog Europe. Thank you for choosing Apidog to streamline your API management needs in Europe!

For any inquiries regarding the European site, please feel free to contact us at


How to Migrate Data from Apidog Global to Apidog Europe?

1. Export Data from Apidog Global

Click "Export Data" button under Settings in the left menu bar, select the Apidog format and the API scope that needs to be exported, then click the "Export" button.

2. Import Data to Apidog Europe

Open the Apidog Europe, click the "settings" icon of the project, go to the "Manual" tab, select the data source as Apidog Europe and import the Apidog file you have exported.

3. Import Preview

Select the API, Schema, Environment, Test Scenario and then click "Confirm".