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We founded Apidog with a simple vision: to streamline API development and make it more collaborative. We noticed that the existing API tools were cumbersome and impeded effective teamwork. We knew we could do better.

We launched Apidog in 2022. Our platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for designing, debugging, testing, publishing, and mocking APIs. Our goal is to optimize your workflow, save you time, and empower your team to work together seamlessly.

Whether you are building a new API from scratch or improving an existing one, Apidog has everything you need to succeed. With our intuitive visual editor, powerful debugging tools, and easy-to-use testing and documentation features, you can build robust APIs that meet your users’ exact needs.

At Apidog, we believe that APIs have the power to transform our world. That is why we are committed to making API development simple, accessible, and collaborative for everyone. Sign up for free today and unlock the power of Apidog!

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Our Core Viewpoints


All data in the R&D process should be fluid. From product requirement documents to API documentations, from business implementation code to unit test code, from mock data to test scripts, from the API development team to API users, we hope that all data flows freely. This is the key to achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


All repetitive tasks should be avoided, and automation should be incorporated into every detail of the R&D process. Humans should focus their brainpower on the most critical points, while everything else should be handled by automation. From API code, to call code, to test data, to API request samples, to mock data, to test steps...everything that can be automated, will be automated.


Development is a team effort. Simply relying on code repositories and project management tools is not enough. Development, debugging, testing, and deployment processes should all be collaborative. We are committed to breaking down barriers between roles within development teams, between departments within companies, and between companies themselves.

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