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A better API Design-first Platform

Apidog implements API Design-first, where API specifications and modifications can be automatically synchronized across every stage of the API lifecycle.

Apidog: API Design-first

Suitable for development teams to efficiently build high-quality APIs.

Postman: Request-first

Suitable for API consumers to try and debug APIs.

Postman vs Apidog


API Designing

Design APIs visually

Define and reuse schemas

Generate API specification from request

Recognize JSON/XML/SQL to schema

API debugging

Pre/Post-request Scripts

Response validation

Connect to databases

API testing


Add assertions visually

Run collections


Test reports storage (online)

API Documentation

Custom domain

Custom documentation layout

Markdown pages

API Mock

Fixed response mocking

Smart mock engine

Cloud mock server

Customized mocking scripts

Mock server for load testing

IDEA plugin


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Efficient API development platform

Quality tools have the power to unite your entire team, while ensuring that no task is needlessly repeated.

API Developing Toolkit

Design & Develop APIs Faster & Together

Effortlessly describe your API as you test it, and generate JSON/XML schemas with a simple click.

API Developing Toolkit

Automated Testing Tool

Test APIs Visually

Generate test cases from APIs, add assertions visually, and create test scenarios with branches and iterations easily.

Automated Testing Tool

Online API Documentation

Publish Beautiful Documentations

Share API docs as beautiful pages, supporting ‘try it out’ and example code. Customizable domains, headers, and layouts.

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Online API Documentation

Smart Mock Server

Smart Mock without Scripts

Smart mocking automatically generates data based on field names, advanced mocking returns specified data based on requests, and mock scripts modify returned mock data.

Smart Mock Server

Seamless migration from Postman

Apidog implements API Design-first, facilitating the effortless synchronization of API specifications and modifications across the entire API lifecycle.

Import in 1 minute

Supports more than 10 API data types including Postman Collections, OpenAPI, Swagger, cURL, .HAR, Jmeter, apiDoc, RAML, I/O Doc, WADL and Google Discovery.

Compatible with Postman

Fully supported Postman scripts can be directly executed in API Dog, and can also be set as folder-level scripts or public scripts.

Unlimited runs of collections

API cases can be imported into the test cases for one-click execution, supporting unlimited runs and CI/CD.

How to import Postman data to Apidog ?

Implement REAL API Design-first

Apidog implements API Design-first, facilitating the effortless synchronization of API,
specifications and modifications across the entire API lifecycle.

development team

Developers Love Apidog

Many teams don't adopt advanced development practices simply because they lack the corresponding advanced tools.
A good tool is the embodiment of advanced productivity.

“Apidog has helped me realize the advantages of taking an API design-first approach. By defining APIs for each endpoint, Apidog's response validation tool enables me to quickly catch and fix errors, which boosts my productivity and saves me time.”

Jason Clark

Jason Clark

Back-end Developer

“My favorite feature of Apidog is the automated testing for regression testing. Whenever there is a change in the API, I can automatically synchronize the latest definition without having to modify my test cases each time, which used to be the most tedious part of my work.”

Halima Bello

Halima Bello

QA Engineer

“I don't have to concatenate API request parameters or fabricate mock data. With the API specification in hand, everything is readily available, and just a single click solves all the painful issues.”

Ricardo Da Silva

Ricardo Da Silva

Front-end Developer

“With Apidog's automated testing and documentation features, I can focus on creating high-quality APIs and delivering exceptional products.”

Olawale Adegoke

Olawale Adegoke

Full-stack Engineer

“Our engineers proactively maintain standardized API documentation because they have found it enhances the efficiency of every team member. ”

Maria Gonzalez

Maria Gonzalez

Tech Manager