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Home / Tutorials / Exploring Stable Diffusion API: How to Use and Test It Online

Exploring Stable Diffusion API: How to Use and Test It Online

Introduced in 2022, Stable Diffusion API streamlines data distribution in digital ecosystems. Users generate AI images effortlessly, sans local setup. A milestone in AI, it promises streamlined data dissemination across industries, fostering growth.

Stable Diffusion, unveiled in 2022, stands as a significant milestone in the realm of artificial intelligence, particularly within the text-to-image generation domain. This model, built on diffusion techniques, epitomizes the ongoing surge in AI advancements.

What is Stable Diffusion API?

Stable Diffusion API refers to an application programming interface (API) designed to facilitate the smooth and reliable diffusion of data within digital ecosystems. It provides developers with tools and protocols to ensure that data dissemination processes remain stable, consistent, and scalable. This API is particularly valuable in scenarios where large volumes of data need to be distributed efficiently without compromising on reliability.

The Stable Diffusion API allows developers, artists, and enthusiasts to generate AI images using the Stable Diffusion model without the need for local setup or specialized hardware. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, the API ensures a smooth and efficient experience, enabling users to generate high-quality images with ease.

Example output from Stability.ai

Pricing for Stable Diffusion API

All new users will get 25 free credits automatically when an account is created. The credits can be used in DreamStudio and API

The price for alternate credit is US$1 for 100 credits. The standard image generation take 0.2 credits per image with standard step = 30.

Note: The term "step" refers to the number of iterations or diffusion steps performed during the image generation process.

Price adjustment in 2022

Different model generation costs may vary. Here are the comparison


Model Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 Stable Diffusion 1.6
Features Standard High speed of processing
Pricing (step=30) 0.20 0.24


Search-and-Replace Inpaint
Features Replace somthing in the image Inpaint an image
Pricing 4.00 3.00


Creative Upscale Real-ESRGAN x2
Features Quality and performance improvement to 4k Detail enhancing
Pricing 25.00 0.2


  • Feature: generate short videos
  • pricing: 20.00

Stable Diffusion API Authentication

Here are the step by step setup and authenticate before using the API

  1. Sign up an account for stability.ai and verify it
Stability AI - Developer Platform

Sign up an account for Stability.ai

2. Obtain the API keys from the account page

How to Use the Stable Diffusion API?

Once the API key token is obtained, you can use Apidog. Apidog is an all-in-one API development tool for API design, debug, test, document and mock. Apidog offers flexibility for users looking to either start building a new API from the ground up or import an existing API they have been developing.

Apidog An integrated platform for API design, debugging, development, mock, and testing
REAL API Design-first Development Platform. Design. Debug. Test. Document. Mock. Build APIs Faster & Together.

Example of using Apidog

  1. Check account Balance
Method: GET
Endpoint: https://api.stability.ai/v1/user/balance

Use your API keys as Authorization, set up in Headers


2.  Text to Image generation

Method: POST
endpoint: https://api.stability.ai/v1/generation/{engine_id}/text-to-image

Path parameter:

  • engine_id :  version of model (string)

Body Parameters: only required part are specified here

  • text_prompts:  ‌
    ‌ "text": "something about the image",  ‌
    ‌ "weight": optional


"text_prompts": [		
    	"text": "something about the image",		
        "weight": 0.5		


copy the base64 string, use base64 to image converter to obtain the image

For more methods and functionalities, refer to‌

Getting Started - Stability.Ai
Getting Started - Stability.Ai


Stable Diffusion API represents a significant advancement in the field of data distribution, offering developers a powerful tool for building reliable and scalable systems. As organizations across various industries continue to harness the power of data, Stable Diffusion API will play a crucial role in enabling seamless data dissemination and unlocking new possibilities for innovation and growth.

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