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Home / Product Updates / Apidog's Latest Update Supports Message Notification

Apidog's Latest Update Supports Message Notification

Apidog's Latest Update Supports Message Notification.

Apidog's Update: optimizie performance and Interaction experience

Apidog's new version is coming! This version mainly focuses on optimizing performance and Interaction experience. Here are the key points of Apidog that are worth paying attention to.

  • Performance Optimization: The client has been optimized comprehensively to solve the problem of lagging and greatly improve performance.
  • Message Notification: Supports integrating notification messages into third-party platforms and Webhooks.
  • Data Import: OpenAPI (Swagger) import supports intelligent merging and coverage modes.
  • Document Sharing: Online document sharing has added light and dark modes, and supports one-click access to the project.

Optimize Performance and Greatly Improve Lagging

This desktop client has been comprehensively optimized for lagging when editing API documents, debugging test cases, and switching Tab scenes due to too many interfaces. The smoothness of the operating experience has been greatly improved, enhancing the user experience.

We recommend upgrading to the latest version to experience it: Settings > About Apidog > Check for updates.

Message Notification Supports Integration into Third-party Platforms

Supports integrating notification messages into third-party application platforms. After filling in the corresponding service URL through "Notification Settings-Third-party Integration" for configuration, when project members trigger the corresponding notification event set, the notification will be sent to the third-party application platform in real time. Different notification channels can be configured for different notification requirements. Currently, the notification channels support Enterprise Webhook and Jenkins.

Only project managers can configure this feature.


Importing the new intelligent merge mode in OpenAPI

When importing OpenAPI (Swagger) data, a new coverage mode "Intelligent Merge" has been added, which can preserve the names, mock rules, parameter explanations, and return examples of interfaces that have been modified in Apidog. This avoids the risk of automatically or manually importing all fields from the data source and completely overwriting them.


Optimization of Online Document Sharing Interface

  1. Online documents support both "Light" and "Dark" reading themes, and users can choose their preferred theme.
  2. The "Run in Apidog" button has been added to publicly shared API documents, which can directly jump to Apidog to debug and run the project. This makes it easier to quickly view and debug publicly available API documents.

Learn More

Of course, the new features brought by Apidog's product team are far more than just the ones mentioned above:

  • The top tab bar of the interface management supports fixed tabs.
  • When connecting to a MySQL database using an SSH tunnel, it supports two authentication methods: "public key" and "password and public key."
  • The main interface has a new "import project" function that supports importing directly into a new or existing project.
  • The "auto-generate" function for the JSON/XML format of the request data body on the operation page in the interface management has added "generate field names only" and "use request samples."
  • A new switch is added to be compatible with annotated JSON.
  • On the interface modification page, the "required" field for request parameters has added a select-all interaction.
  • The "right-click menu" function for all files in the left directory tree of interface management has been added and optimized, including interface "right-click to share" and "copy cURL," etc.
  • After generating the business code, it allows users to click to copy the directory path where the file is saved.

In addition to the new features, we have also optimized the product details and user experience. For specific modification details, please go to Apidog's  changelog.

We welcome all to continue providing feedback and optimization suggestions to Apidog. We will continue to improve and update, and are committed to providing users with better product features and the ultimate user experience!

You can go to the help center for more instructions and operations. If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate with us in the Apidog user group.

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