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What is API First? API First Approach

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What is API First? API First Approach

In this article, we will discuss the principles of API First, the API First design considerations, the API First approach, and the API First vs. code-first approach.

API First approach refers to the development approach where the design and development of an application's API or Application Programming Interface is a primary focus from the outset, before any other development processes. In this article, we will discuss the principles of API First, the API First design considerations, the API First approach, and the API First vs. code-first approach.

What is API First?

API First is a design principle that puts the API at the forefront of the software development process. API-first design starts by creating the API infrastructure and considers the API design to be the primary product or service that will be consumed. It begins with creating the API and then designing the user interface that makes use of the API.

API First

API First Design

When it comes to API-first development, the API First Design stage is essential. This is where precise specifications and documentation are created to guide the developers and other technical stakeholders in the project. At this stage, the developers need to analyze the API requirements thoroughly and determine how the API should work. API First Design also requires working closely with those who will be using the API to capture their requirements and use cases within the API; this helps to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the end users.

API First Principle

API First principles focus on ensuring that the design of the API meets the needs of technical stakeholders and user experience. This involves prioritizing the API requirements, working closely with the intended audience, and defining the API infrastructure.

API First Approach

API First approach is a development methodology that emphasizes designing, building, and testing APIs before any other development process. This approach enables the creation of stable, scalable APIs and requires a collaborative approach between the developers, testers, and consumers of the API.

API First vs. Code First

API First and Code First are two different software development approaches. In API First development, the API is designed and developed first, before any code is written for the application. This approach prioritizes the functionality and design of the API, provides clear specifications and guidelines to developers, and encourages the reusability of code. Contrary to this, in Code First development, the application is developed first, and the API is designed and implemented later to meet the application requirements.

This approach focuses on the application's core functionality and defers API design until later development stages. API First development aims to create a stable, scalable, maintainable, and efficient API by designing and testing the API before any other development process. Code First development offers faster development of the core application features but may result in less-flexible APIs. Ultimately, the choice between API First and Code First depends on the application requirements and project objectives.

API First Tool: Apidog

Apidog is a comprehensive toolkit tailored for teams looking to optimize their API-first development process. With its powerful visual editor, code generation tools, and efficient automated testing and mocking features, Apidog enables teams to easily design, implement, and test APIs in a faster and more efficient manner. One of the most significant benefits of Apidog is that it brings together all members of the development team within a single tool, streamlining collaboration and communication.

The visual editor allows API designers to create and modify APIs, while changes are instantly reflected across various aspects of the project, such as code and testing, ensuring everyone is working with the most recent version of the API. Another important feature of Apidog is its ability to automate many of the time-consuming tasks embedded in API development. With proper API design, Apidog generates documentation and mock data, freeing up valuable time and reducing the risk of manual errors. Overall, Apidog is a powerful and indispensable tool for teams that adopt an API-first approach. From improving collaboration and efficiency to facilitating a single source of truth and data functionality, Apidog greatly enhances the value of the API-first development process.



Adopting an API First approach can significantly improve an organization's efficiency, agility, and go-to-market strategies. Application development teams can leverage the API-first method to define, create, and design APIs to meet the ever-increasing demands of end-users and technical stakeholders. The API First principle will guide the development team across all stages of the application development process, ensuring a successful integration between the API and application.