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Teams & Projects

In this article, we will introduce the basic concepts of Apidog's team and project management features.

Apidog provides powerful team and project management capabilities like team and project features.Which you can use to better organize, manage, and collaborate on the design, development, and documentation of APIs in your team.


Teams are the core unit of collaboration and organization. Each team can contain multiple projects and members, and the data between teams is independent and invisible to each other, ensuring data isolation.

The functions of a team mainly include member management, permission control, and collaboration. You can invite team members to join your team and assign them different roles and permissions to keep your project and data secure. Team members can share resources, co-edit, and exchange discussions, improving the team's collaboration efficiency and the quality of project workflow.

You can read the following documents to get a quick overview of what Teams does and how to use it:


Project is the basic unit for organizing and managing which we can use for APIs and related documentation. Each project represents an independent workspace where you can create, edit, and test APIs, design and manage API documentation, and collaborate with your team members on projects.

By creating multiple projects, you can categorize APIs and documents according to different needs and capabilities of the team.This way, you can better organize and manage various APIs, improving the efficiency and maintainability of your work. Each project has its own independent settings and permission controls to ensure the security of the project and the privacy of the data.