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Member Permissions Settings

In this section, you can learn how to manage permissions for team members.

To configure team member permissions:

Click "My Teams" > "Members". Click the gear icon next to a member's name. Select the appropriate permission levels for that member.

Members' permissions are divided into team permissions and project permissions.

Setting Team Permissions

Default Permission Levels

Team-level permissions are categorized based on roles: Team Owner, Team Admin, Team Member, and Guest. The corresponding role permissions are as follows:

Permission NameTeam OwnerTeam AdminTeam MemberGuest
Modify Team Profile
Transfer Team
Disband Team
View Member's Permission List
Modify member Permission
Invite/Remove Member

Users who acquire project permissions through "Project Invitations" will be considered Guests at the team level.

Guests can only see the projects they have been invited to. If you want to allow external collaborators to edit specific projects without giving them access to other projects within the team, you can use "Project Invitations."

Guests have the same team permissions as team members. The difference lies in the fact that when setting permissions for new projects within the team, the Guest role is excluded.

Guests are considered users, similar to other members, and should be taken into account when selecting a plan.

How to Adjust Team Permissions

Set up team-level permissions for members via My Team > Members > Team Permissions.

Setting Project Permissions

Default Permission Range

The project hierarchy permissions are divided into four permission types: Admin, Editor, Read-only, and Forbidden. Among them:

Admin: can add, delete, and check information, settings, and data within the project;

Editor: may not add, delete, or change projects or project information;

Read-only: may not add, delete, or change projects or data; only reading is allowed;

Forbidden: no access to any information or data within the project.

Permission NameAdminEditorRead-onlyForbidden
Project Add/Edit/Delete
Modify Project Info
Access API Documentation
API Add/Edit/Delete
API View and Debug
Case Add/Edit/Delete
Case View and Run
Test Suite Add/Edit/Delete
Test Suite Run
Data Model Add/Edit/Delete
Data Model View
Environment Add/Edit/Delete
Mock Rule Add/Edit/Delete
Public Response Add/Edit/Delete
Public Script Add/Edit/Delete
Database Connection Add/Edit/Delete
Custom Function Add/Edit/Delete
Variable Add/Edit/Delete
Variable Current Value Setting
Import Data
Export Data

How to Modify the Settings

  1. When you send an invitation, you can specify who you want to invite to participate in a specific project for the current team and set their permission level.

  2. You can also set project-level permissions for members via My Team > Members > Project Role.