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Team Collaboration

You can use the multi-user collaboration synchronization feature to collaborate with team members and use collaboration links to quickly locate APIs.

Multi-User Collaboration & Real-Time Sync

The real-time collaboration capability of the API documentation helps improve work efficiency for R&D teams and reduces the cost of repeated communication. The HTTP API and data model modules in the API management support multi-user online real-time collaboration. When others save data, the current page will automatically update changes made by other team members.

Applicable Scenarios

In the following scenarios, the new API documentation will be automatically synced to team members without the need for manual global refresh:

  • Modifying and saving an API within the App
  • After periodically importing Swagger/OpenAPI files


Compared to other similar products, Apidog's multi-user collaboration features have the following significant advantages:

  • Real-time display of editor avatars, clearly showing who is editing the same API
  • Field-level collaboration, effectively avoiding content conflicts
  • If there is a conflict, you'll know during editing so you can resolve it beforehand and continue editing
  • Fine-grained conflict resolution, allowing preservation of partial content from both sides
  • API documentation has version history and recycle bin, supporting rollback to old versions, no need to worry about accidental modifications
  • Automatic import and the IDEA plugin are also part of real-time collaboration, data is automatically updated after import

The "Collaboration Link" feature allows members of the team to quickly locate APIs and collaborate.


Collaboration links are only used for sharing within the team, and non-team members can't open the collaboration link.

Tap the "Copy Collaboration Link" button in the menu bar on the right side of the API to create a collaboration link. Send it to other team members, open the link, and you can directly locate the corresponding API in the web terminal.

Change the Opening Method

Collaboration links support opening in both the client and the web side. If you want to locate the API through the client, go to the web, tap the "Settings"⚙, and turn on the "Always open collaboration links on desktop" button in "General".

The macOS Settings button is located in the upper-right corner of the page, and the Windows Settings button is located in the lower-left corner of the page.

The client is automatically evoked when the collaboration link is accessed.