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Plan Introduction

Apidog provides 3 pricing plans, you can check out the details here.

We offer three pricing plans tailored for different types of users or teams, including Mac, Windows, Web, and Linux apps.

For a comprehensive comparison of all the plans, you can visit our official website: Here is a brief overview of 3 various pricing plans for your reference:

Billing Basics

Price Comparison

Here are the pricing details for our various subscription plans, with annual payments offering savings of up to 25% compared to monthly payments.

Pricing PlanFree PlanBasic PlanProfessional Plan
User LimitUp to 4UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly BillingFree$12 per user/month$24 per user/month
Annual BillingFree$9 per user/month$18 per user/month
Payment MethodsNoneCredit cardCredit card

Billing Unit

  1. Each team is billed separately.
  • If you have multiple teams, the pricing will be calculated based on the number of members in each team, on a per-team basis.
  • Even if the same person is part of multiple teams, you will be billed for them in each team.
  1. The billing rate is the price per person per month within the team.
  • For example, in the Basic Plan with monthly payments, the price is $12 per person per month.
  • If you have a total of 10 members in your team, the monthly charge would be $12 x 10 = $120.

Billing Interval

  1. Apidog charges you in advance.
  • You make a payment to Apidog at the beginning of the billing interval.
  • If you make changes to your plan or the number of users during the billing interval, we will charge or refund you proportionally.
  • Note: The refunded fees due to changes in the number of people will be kept in the Team Balance for the next payment.
  1. The billing interval is also set on a per-team basis.
  • You can have one team billed annually and another billed monthly.
  • Your plan will be automatically charged on a monthly/yearly basis.
    • If you are on a monthly payment plan, for example, a monthly plan purchased on May 3rd will be renewed on June 3rd.
    • If you are on an annual payment plan, for example, an annual plan purchased on May 3rd will be renewed on May 3rd of the following year.
  • A TIP email will be sent 7 days before the scheduled payment, allowing you to downgrade to the free version if you no longer wish to subscribe.
  • Once the payment is successfully processed, a payment invoice will be sent to the team administrator.
  • If the payment fails, an email notification will be sent to the team administrator with instructions to update credit card information on the Stripe customer page.
    • Teams with failed payments will be automatically downgraded to the Free Plan.
  1. For modifications to your plan or changes in team members during the billing interval, please refer to the "Managing Subscriptions" section for more details.

Billing System

All payments are encrypted and processed via Stripe, the same payment provider used by products like Twitter, Pinterest, and Lyft. For matters related to invoices, payment information, and more, you can access Stripe's customer portal through the client API.

  • You can view and download invoices.
  • If you encounter any payment or recurring billing issues, you can update your credit card information.
  • You also have the option to modify your payment method.

Exceeding Usage Capacity

When your team exceeds the capacity allocated in your plan, the functionality of your team will be affected. Here's what happens when you exceed the usage capacity:

  • Team members have read-only access to all projects.
  • Team administrators can manage team members as usual.
  • Team administrators can upgrade the plan or reduce the usage capacity to restore normal team functionality.

Contact Support

If you have any questions about payment or refund of pricing plans, our support team is here to help. You can contact us by Email:

Tax Information

For payments made in Japan, we do not charge Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT). However, it is your responsibility to self-assess and report any applicable JCT.