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Credit Introduction

Earn Credit through Invitations

If an inviter invites a new user to register, the inviter's personal account will receive a $10 Credit, with no limit.

Method 1: Team Invitation/Project Invitation

Invite new users to join your team/project, and once they successfully register, you will receive a $10 Credit.

Method 2: Recommend Inviting New Users to Register

Recommendation invitations are different from regular invitations. Recommendation invitations are not related to your team or project. The invited users simply need to register. You can perform this operation in "Account Settings-Referrals and Credits."

Credit Asset Maintenance

  • Credit can not be withdrawn, but can only be used to upgrade team plans.
  • Credit can be contributed at the team level, but not vice versa.
  • Credit will expire at the end of the third calendar year after it is obtained. This applies to both personal and team dimensions.
  • The "Account Settings-Referrals and Credits" page will record the history of acquiring and spending Credit.

Credit Consumption

Contributing Credit to the Team

Team members can contribute their own Credits to the team on the Plans page, allowing project administrators to use the Credits as deductions when making payments.

Paying with Credit

Team managers will now have the option to prioritize the use of credits when making payments for the subscription plans.