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Exporting Apidog Data

Apidog supports exporting APIs in data formats such as OpenAPI Specification, HTML, Markdown, Apidog.

Export data

Click the "Settings" → "Export Data" button in the left menu bar, select the data format to be exported, and click the "Export" button.

You can export all APIs or manually select some API to be exported.

You can also export the corresponding API according to the label.

For OpenAPI Specification, we support 3.1, 3.0, and 2.0 versions. we also support exporting as an offline document or exporting to an URL.

Click "Open URL" to view the RAW content in your browser.

OperationID ​

OperationId is a string used to uniquely identify an API operation (Operation) in the OpenAPI specification. Support setting OperationId attribute, when exporting OpenAPI format, the value here will be exported to the OperationId of the Operation object.


You can check the FAQ:Exporting APIs if you encounter problems when exporting data.