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SEO Settings

In this section, you will learn how to optimize your API documentation published on Apidog for search engines.

After the software version of 2.3.12, the shared API documentation supports SEO settings, allowing you to optimize your API documentation according to search engines and attract more traffic.

In the API documentation and Markdown documentation pages of Apidog, clicking the sidebar icon on the right side will open SEO Settings.

Custom URL

It supports customizing the URL structure on the webpage to make it more friendly for search engines.


If you have configured a custom domain name for your published docs, then the custom URL here {{Base URL}} will ultimately display the custom domain name you have configured.

Meta Data

According to your needs, you can optimize your webpage for search engines by setting the following fields:

Meta Title: Setting the meta title will show it on the search engine results page.

Meta Description: Can provide a concise summary of its content on search engine results pages.

Keywords: Setting keywords for your webpage is good for increasing the website's search engine ranking.

Meta Social

You can set the card style when sharing webpages on social media by setting the following fields. Currently supported platforms are Twitter and Facebook.

Image: Set the display image of the webpage, shown on social media.

Title: Set the title of the webpage, shown on social media.

Description: Set a short description of the webpage, shown on social media.