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Custom Layouts

This article introduces you how to customize the layout settings of online API documentation.

Page layout settings allow users to customize the online document API, including adding navigation functions, a document bottom banner, login and registration buttons, and other convenient entry points.

More components will be supported in the future, such as the left-side,right-side and the lower-right corner floating area components.


There are currently 4 modules that support adding various components within the module. They are Top Navigation, Left Side Catalog Style, Top Bulletin, and Content Footer.

Document Content Bottom Banner

1. Top Navigation

Provides custom navigation menu editing and supports three types of navigation:

Specified API Group: Supports selecting all APIs

A Specific API Group Custom Link: Supports a custom text

Links Multi-level Menu: Supports defining a two-level menu

Button Component

The top navigation right-side function currently supports adding button,icon ,link components and will support text, search box, and light / dark mode switching components in the near future.

2. Left Side Catalog Style Module

To use the Left Side Catalog Style Module, the Top Navigation Module must be turned off.

Fully expanded effects:

Collapsed primary directory effect:

3. Top Bulletin

You can add text to enhance user experience and provide useful information like updates,tips,status etc by adding item to the Top Bulletin.

Currently,only Footer Image component is supported, which is used for providing visual information at the bottom of the document to help with business promotion,contextual information etc.