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In this section,you will be walk trough the steps to get you start publishing your projects online.

Publishing API documentation online improves developer adoption and experience by providing clear guidance on API functionality and usage.

1. Publish Project

Move into a project, click the "Share" tab on the left sidebar and select "Publish" bar.

2. Select Environment & Set Passwords

Click the "Publish" button on the left side of the screen to select the environment you want to publish your documentation on.


You can choose to publish your documentation on API Hub.Which is a community-driven platform for sharing and discovering APIs operated by Apidog.

If you want to set passwords for your documentation, click the "Password protected" button and enter the passwords you want to use.

3. Publish

Once you have selected the environment and set the passwords, click the "Publish right now" button to publish your documentation.

You can find the URL of your published API documentation on the "Apidog Subdomain" tab in "Share" tab.