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Common Parameters

When editing API documentation, developers often need to input the same parameter names, descriptions, and other information for request parameters and response fields repeatedly.

Manually re-entering this data each time can be inefficient and error-prone. To streamline this process, Apidog provides the "Common Parameters" feature, allowing you to populate fields with pre-defined values quickly.

Utilizing Common Parameters

Click the left menue button of Description will list the common parameters you have created.

Clicking the "Parameter Name" input field will automatically expand a list of pre-configured commonly used parameters. Selecting any parameter from this list will automatically populate the corresponding parameter name, description, and other relevant information.

Configuring Common Parameters

If you wish to modify the pre-defined common parameters, you can access the parameter setting by clicking the menu button on the Description within the API documentation.

Input the parameter name, description, and other details, then click the "Save" button.

Once the common parameters are configured, they will appear in the dropdown menu when you click the "Parameter Name" input field while documenting APIs. Selecting a parameter from the list will automatically populate its corresponding details.

Alternatively, you can manage common parameters in "Settings" - "Common Parameters".