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Custom Fields

The Custom Fields feature allows project managers to set up common fields for API documents, such as creation time, TAPD link, requirement document link, etc., making project management more convenient.

Configuring Custom Fields - Manager

In the Settings > API Feature Settings section, managers can configure API Fields according to project needs:

  1. Field name: the name of the field.

  2. Field type: supports text, number, single selection, multiple selection, date, project member, link, email, single selection tag, multiple selection tag (single and multiple selections support manager to set options).

  3. Prompt: displayed to project members, giving prompts when filling in the content.

  4. Corresponding OpenAPI field: used when importing/exporting.

    OpenAPI/Swagger format data. If left blank, the field is ignored when importing/exporting OpenAPI/Swagger format data

  5. Enable: add Custom Fields to start using them,and control them in API fields section.

Filling in Custom Fields - Project Members

After configuring and enabling the Custom Fields, the Edit in the APIs will display the field, and project members can fill it in according to the requirements.

Displaying Custom Fields

After configuring and filling in the Custom Fields, the corresponding information will be displayed on the API page.Empty fields will be displayed after version 2.2.9.