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Basic How-to for eBay API

The eBay API is an interface that permits developers to interact with the popular eBay marketplace, along with its functionalities! The eBay API serves as a messenger, enabling apps to send and receive data to and from eBay's systems.

The eBay API is a set of developer tools that allow software and web developers to interact and integrate eBay platform functionalities onto external applications. Essentially, users can now benefit from eBay's features, data, and functions from a variety of applications, not just eBay itself.

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The eBay API provides developers an opportunity to solve persistent issues with the creation of tailored-made applications. For example, e-commerce platforms can benefit from the data provided by the eBay API to monitor the market price of certain goods, or perhaps observe which types of goods are selling well in the market.

Let us first learn more about eBay and what its API can provide developers with.

What is eBay?

ebay website

eBay is a global online marketplace that facilitates commerce between buyers and sellers. It operates on a two-sided model, allowing individuals and businesses to list new or pre-owned merchandise. Buyers can browse a vast selection of products, participate in auctions, or purchase items at fixed prices. eBay also provides a secure transaction platform and facilitates communication between buyers and sellers, fostering a dynamic online shopping environment.

Notable eBay API Functionalities for Developers

These are a few of the eBay API's notable functionalities that developers may find useful when creating an application:

Streamlined Product Management

Programmatically create, update, and manage product listings directly within applications, eliminating manual data entry and saving time using functionalities that you can tap into with the eBay API.

Develop applications that search for specific products based on various criteria, allowing users to find exactly what they're looking for efficiently using data obtained from the eBay API.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

The eBay API enables the integration of inventory management with applications, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling of products.

Automated Order Fulfillment

With the eBay API, you can retrieve orders, update their status, and potentially automate fulfillment processes within applications, streamlining order handling and improving efficiency.

Integrated Buying Experience

Create applications using the eBay API that enable users to bid on and purchase items directly through their software, providing a more seamless buying experience.

eBay Developers Program

eBay is keen on encouraging developers to utilize their API and resources to build and offer tools and services for users, such as:

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Searching
  • Marketing
  • and many more.

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eBay API Pricing

To start creating services or applications with the eBay API, you will need to register for an eBay Developers Program membership that is free of charge.

Scope of eBay API

The eBay API can provide REST and SOAP-based APIs, with the necessary SDKs (Software Development Kits) included.

Step-by-step Process on How to Use eBay API

Join us on a simple guide to using the eBay API with this short tutorial!

Step 1 - Sign Up for the eBay Developers Program

To start using the eBay API, you will need to sign up and wait up to one business day to get approval for the eBay Developers Program. You will be expected to provide an email and accept the eBay API License Agreement to get approved.

This step is necessary in order to create your eBay API keysets.

Step 2 - Create an eBay API Keyset

ebay api application key

Once your account is approved for the eBay Developers Program, go to the Application Keys page. Located the Create a keyset button under either the Sandbox or Production section.

Step 3 - Create a Test Sandbox User

ebay api user tokens ebay sign in

Selecting the User Access Tokens in the menu locate the "User Tokens (eBay Sign-In) page, and select Register a new Sandbox user.

ebay api sandbox details

Proceed by completing the details about the Sandbox. If you are not sure about what each field represents, you can visit their website here, or click the link below to get redirected.


Important Note to Consider

As this article utilizes the Sandbox version of the eBay API, and that eBay provides data regarding specific market based on countries, the API responses seen both in this article and eBay Developers Program page might not be exactly the same.

Using Apidog to Obtain eBay API Access Token

The following section will highlight how you can use Apidog, an API development platform, to obtain an access token. This access token will be essential for other API requests that you will make to the eBay API, so make sure to understand and master this step!

apidog interface

Importing cURL Code Onto Apidog

Using the cURL code example provided by the eBay Developer website, we can quickly begin to obtain an eBay access token.

apidog intialize curl import

Firstly, make a new project, and locate the purple + button shown in the image above. You should be able to find the Import cURL section.

apidog import ebay curl

Proceed by modifying the following cURL code in the pop-up window:

curl -X POST 'https://api.sandbox.ebay.com/identity/v1/oauth2/token' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic UkVTVFRlc3...wZi1hOGZhLTI4MmY=' \
  -d 'grant_type=client_credentials&scope=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.ebay.com%2Foauth%2Fapi_scope %20https%3A%2F%2Fapi.ebay.com%2Foauth%2Fapi_scope%2Fbuy.item.bulk'

Depending on your requirement, you will have to change the scope parameter found in the grant_type to fit your needs. Once everything has been satisfied, press OK.

apidog ebay curl code import success

You should now have a Body section with two variables and a Header section with 11 variables. You can immediately send the POST request. You should be able to see an API response such as:

    "access_token": "v^1.1#i^1#p^1#r^0#I^3#f^0#t^H4s ... wu67e3xAhskz4DAAA",
    "expires_in": 7200,
    "token_type": "Application Access Token"

Remember that these access tokens should not be shared with anyone!

Use API Hub to Find Alternative APIs For Free!

Is the eBay API not quite what you expected it to be? Keep calm and try out Apidog's API Hub. It is an online library filled with testable APIs.

apidog api hub

On API Hub, you can search for numerous APIs available for implementation. With a vast amount ready for adoption, it is almost certain to find an API that matches your requirements.

Select DALL·E 3 from OpenAI API

The picture above demonstrates the screen you can see for the OpenAI API available through API Hub. Here, you can try out the API, or get redirected to the Apidog desktop application if you feel more comfortable there, all without having to pay a single penny.

Set OpenAI Key

Some of these examples may require you to register for an account to obtain their respective API key, so make sure you know how to get them.

Enter Prompt

Once you have all the necessary components, hit the Send button! You should be able to see sample responses returned from the respective API you are viewing.



The eBay API offers a powerful set of tools for developers to unlock the potential of the eBay marketplace. By integrating various functionalities like product listing management, enhanced search, real-time inventory tracking, and automated order fulfillment, developers can create custom applications that streamline the e-commerce experience for both sellers and buyers.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, the eBay API opens doors to innovation and empowers you to build customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of your e-commerce venture. Explore the possibilities and unleash the power of eBay's vast marketplace potential!

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