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Apidog Update: WebSocket API Debugging is Now Available!

We're excited to announce the latest version of Apidog Support for WebSocket API and upgraded automation testing capabilities.

We're excited to announce the latest version of Apidog Support for WebSocket API! You can upgrade it now by clicking Settings> About > Check Update in the upper right corner of the interface.

Here's a rundown of the key features in this release:

  • Support for WebSocket API;
  • Upgraded automation testing capabilities;
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts in the web version;
  • Support the custom setting of version updates and installation reminders.

The following is a detailed description of the main features of the latest version, Let's check these now!

🔥WebSocket API Support

Apidog's latest version supports debugging WebSocket API and is now available for public beta testing.

To create a WebSocket connection, click on the + button on the left sidebar and select New WebSocket API (Beta). Enter the URL of the WebSocket API and establish a connection to seamlessly send and receive messages. Customize the handshake by passing parameters like params, headers, and cookies to meet authentication and other complex scenarios.

Create New Websocket API

Once connected, you can draft under the Message tab. Besides writing messages in text, JSON, XML, HTML, and other text formats, binary messages can also be written using Base64 or hexadecimal.

Check out  Apidog Help Center to learn more about WebSocket API.

Send Message

⚡️Upgraded Automation Testing Capabilities

The Iterations within automation testing now supports using variables to set the number of loops. This feature can set the number of loops based on the value of the API response, thus satisfying testing scenarios with a non-fixed number of loops.


Test steps now support referencing other test cases. Combine common test steps into a universal test case and reference it in other test cases to save time and facilitate updates and maintenance of universal steps.

Reference Other Test Case

Added new keyboard shortcuts in the web version

Additional keyboard shortcuts have been added to the web version, including save/copy interface, send request, switch to running tab, import data, import cURL data, and delete interface management's left directory tree. The web version also supports numerous other keyboard shortcuts. More shortcuts are gradually being added. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.


Apidog Shortcuts

🔥Support Custom Settings of Version Updates and Installation Reminders

On the Settings - About , customize Apidog's version update rhythm based on your needs:

Automatically download updates: automatically download the update package when a new version is released.

Automatically install updates: automatically install the downloaded update package after exiting the software (MacOS only).

New version message reminder: receive a prompt for a new version release as soon as it is released.

New Version Message Reminder

Learn More

Apidog's product team has brought you more than just the above features, including:

  • API Management: Copy cURL support in the right-click menu for interface use cases
  • Support for HTTPS when setting a custom domain in public documents
  • Directory supports editing directory-level Markdown documents
  • Interface management supports importing pre- and post-processors from interface/interface use case/directory into the current interface/interface use case/directory
  • Third-party integration notification: when automation testing is completed, users can jump to the App/Web to view the test report overview page
  • Copy function support in the schemas and quick request directory node right-click menu

In addition to new features, we have also optimized the product details and user experience. For specific changes, please check the Apidog Changelog.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue improving Apidog's functionality and user experience. For more instructions and operations, please visit the Help Center.

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