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Save as Scenario Instance

In real-world testing scenarios, you often encounter situations like these:

  • Two test scenarios utilize the same testing steps and flow, but require tests to run in different environments.
  • The same test scenario needs to reference live data in the production environment and simulated data in the testing environment.
  • Test scenarios for both VIP users and regular users share similar requirements in the testing environment, with the exception that VIP user testing steps demand separate user data. The "Save as Instance" feature facilitates rapidly saving diverse runtime configurations of the same test scenario as independent scenario instances.

Save as Scenario Instance

Once you've specified the runtime environment, referenced testing data, and loop count within the test scenario, click the "Save as Instance" button located at the bottom-right corner.

Run Scenario Instance

You can view the saved scenario instances within the test scenario directory tree. By clicking the "Run" button on the right side of the page, you can effortlessly trigger the saved test scenario steps and runtime configurations to swiftly complete testing tasks. This eliminates the need for repetitive adjustments of runtime configurations within the same test scenario.