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Batch Testing

This section introduces you how to run multiple test scenarios or instances in batch.

Batch testing instances/scenarios feature can save testers a lot of manual execution time. You can run batch testing instances/scenarios in Apidog in the following ways.

Batch Run Test Scenarios

Click on the "Directory" under the test scenario, and you can see all the test scenarios under the current directory on the "All Scenarios" tab in the directory page. Select multiple test scenarios that need to be executed in batch, then click the "Batch Run" button in the upper right corner to run using the default run configuration in the test scenario.

Batch Run Instances

Before batch running multiple test scenarios, you need to define the running environment, test data, cycle number and other parameters for each test scenario, and save this part of the configuration as "Instances". You can batch check all the currently configured "Instance" under the test scenario directory, and then click the "Batch Run" button.


This method is suitable for test scenarios with multiple independent scene instances, allowing testers to flexibly adjust the configuration of each scene instance, such as modifying test environment and test data information.

Reference Other Test Scenarios in a Test Scenario

Testers can click "Add Step" in the test scenario and select and reference multiple test scenarios. After the configuration is completed, click the "Run" button on the right to trigger all test steps, including the referenced external test scenarios.


This method is suitable for test scenarios under the same test scenario, using the same set of test run configurations (such as the same test environment or test data) for test scenarios.