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Cloud Mock

The cloud mock feature is well-suited for collaborative scenarios within a team. The cloud mock address is a fixed address relative to the local mock address, through which other members can access the cloud mock server.

This is useful for complex projects. Because the project will most likely require some complex schemas to be simulated, and there may be many fields or complex patterns that need to be followed. If each member starts the mock server locally and maintains their own mock data, it is not only troublesome but also not conducive to the unified management of mock data.

Cloud Mock provides the following benefits:

  • Unified data management and sharing
  • Available to the whole team after one configuration.

Turn on Cloud Mock

After creating a new API in the Apidog project, go to "Project Settings" → "Mock Settings" → enable the "Cloud Mock" function.

Use Cloud Mock

On the Access API page, click the "Cloud Mock" button in the Mock tab to obtain the cloud mock address.

You can directly click the "Send" button to get the response data.

You can also access the cloud mock address in a browser to view the response data (only for APIs that use the Get request mode).