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Code Generation


Apidog can automatically generate business logic code (such as Model, Controller, unit test code, etc.) and API request code for various languages/frameworks (such as TypeScript, Java, Go, Swift, ObjectiveC, Kotlin, Dart, C++, C#, Rust, etc.) based on the API model definition. Currently, Apidog supports automatic code generation for 130 languages and frameworks.

You can also use customized code templates to generate code that complies with the architectural requirements set forth by your own team to satisfy different needs.

Installing Plug-in

Go to the Code Generation page, and click Install Plugin to download and install it automatically.

Install Java Environment

A Java environment is required to run the code generation plug-in. View how to install Java Environment here.

Code Generation for API Documentations

You can choose to generate API request code or code for the entire project in the documentation page, execution page, and the API use case page under API documentation.

API documentation - Documentation page

API documentation - Execution Page

API Use Case Page

Generate cURL based on API documentation

If you need to generate cURL, please refer to the screenshot below.

Generate Code for a Project

Generate code for data structure