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Managing Sprint Branches

Managing spring branches is a critical part of the development process, here are the steps to manage sprint branches in Apidog.

Click Manage Sprint Branches in the sprint branch switch next to APIs, or navigate to Settings -> Manage Sprint Branches to access the sprint branch management page. On this page, you can view a complete list of sprint branches used in the project, along with their statistics, and perform various operations on the project's sprint branches.

Apidog Managing Sprint Branches

Archiving/Restoring Sprint Branches

For unarchived sprint branches, clicking on Archive will mark the sprint branch as archived. An archived sprint branch indicates that its development lifecycle is complete and it will no longer be used for business purposes. Archived sprint branches will be collapsed in the sprint branch management page and will no longer be displayed in the sprint branch switch at the top right of the folder, making them unavailable for switching.

Apidog Archiving/Restoring Sprint Branches

If you need to query the content of a previously archived sprint branch and possibly revert to it, you can restore the branch to make it a normal branch again. Once restored, you can switch to this branch using the sprint branch switch and perform any operations as needed.

Apidog Restoring Sprint Branches

Modifying Sprint Branches

You can click the Edit button to rename a sprint branch or click the Delete button to permanently delete it. Please note that deleting a branch removes all its content permanently and cannot be undone, so proceed with caution. We recommend using the Archive instead of Delete in common circumstances.