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Data Backup

Apidog takes data backup seriously and keeps per-minute backups of your data on our server. We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers and Amazon S3 for secure storage of backup data.

You can also export your data to various formats, including OpenAPI Specification, HTML, Markdown, and more data formats in the near features. We recommend creating regular backups and storing them in a safe place to ensure access to your important information, even in case of unexpected events.

Export Data

Apidog supports exporting data for single APIs, API collections, and even entire projects. Here are the simple steps to follow, and for a more detailed guide, please click on Export Data.

  1. Click on Settings and open the Export data tab on the left-hand side.

Here you can find detailed export parameters to choose from. Let's take OpenAPI export as an example, and we recommend selecting version 3.2.

  1. Select the API you want to Export.
  • Exporting a single API: Click on Export selected, then select the API(s) you want to export based on the tags. For example, open the Sample APIs, select the first one, and click Confirm.

  • Exporting the whole API collection: Click on Export selected, then select the folder(s) you want to export. For example, select the folder and confirm.

  1. Select the environment you want to export for, including development, and testing environments.

  1. Finally, you can choose to export it as a JSON file or an open URL, both of which are convenient depending on your preference.

Restore Your Data

If you accidentally delete your data or need to revert to a previous version, Apidog provides two ways to restore your data from the trash and from the change history.

The API and API cases you deleted will be moved to trash, which will be deleted permanently after 15 days. You can check the remaining days in the trash.

Restore Data From Trash

  1. Click on the Trash icon on the left-hand side of the screen in the APIs.

  1. Select the data you want to restore, support batch restore.

  2. Click on the Restore button

Restore Data From Change History

  1. To view the change history of an API with modifications, open the API and click on the icon in the top right corner.

  1. To compare the differences between the API before and after modifications, and select the version you want to revert.

  2. Click on the Revert button.


Reverting data from the change history will create a new version of the data while restoring data from the trash will restore the original version.

We recommend regularly backing up your data to prevent data loss and ensure you have access to your important information, even in case of unexpected events.

Data Deletion Solutions

We understand that accidents can happen, and if you accidentally delete an API or an API collection, we can help. We keep backups of our database, which allows us to restore a snapshot of any data in the past 30 days if you need it. If you need assistance with data recovery, please contact us at