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Managing Team Members

In this section, you will learn how to manage team members in Apidog.

When you need to collaborate on an API project, you have the option to invite team members to work together.

Inviting Members

1. Team Invitation

On the team page, click on "Members/Permissions" > "Invite Members" to initiate the invitation process.

To invite team members, you can set project permissions for all existing projects in bulk or customize them for individual members who are about to join the team.

Users who are invited to join through team invitations will have the default team-level permission set to "Team Member".

2. Project Invitation

To invite team members when you have already opened the project, you can click on the "Invite" button on the left sidebar.

  1. Project Invitation, which allows you to set project permissions for the current project for the members who will be joining the team.

  2. For users invited in through the project, the default permission for the team dimension is 'Guest'


Users who gain project access through "Project Invitation" are considered guests at the team level.

Guests can only see the projects they have been invited to. If you want to allow external collaborators to edit specific projects without involving them in the team's other projects, you can use "Project Invitation".

Guests have the same team-level permissions as team members. The difference is that when setting permissions for a new project within the team, the guest role is excluded.

Guests are considered users, similar to other members, and should be taken into account when selecting a plan.

Inviting Members

Once you are familiar with team permission and the teamwork process, you can start inviting your fellows into the team.

How to Invite New Members

To invite participants to an open project:

  • Select "Invite members" from the menu on the left.

You can also invite members from the team page:

  • Go to "Members", then click "Invite Members".

Invite Settings

You can determine which project your invitee should participate in and what role they should have within the project. View team permission for more details.

Invitation Methods

Apidog provides two invitation methods to conveniently invite team members:

If your invitee does not have an Apidog account, you can click on "Copy Link" to share the invitation link with them. The invitee can join your team or project by registering with Apidog. This link has no limit on the number of invitees.

Tips: If you need to revoke a previously shared invitation link, you can click on the "Reset Link" button located on the right side of the link. The previously shared link will become invalid.


2. Email Invitation

You can also send invitations to the intended recipients' work emails. You can invite up to 50 email addresses at a time.


Removing Members

On the team page, click on "Assign Roles" > "Remove Member" and select the member you want to remove from the team.