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Batch API Management

To improve the ability of API management, the Batch API Management feature has been added in versions after 2.2.19.

You can browse all API documentation under a directory on the APIs tab and perform bulk operations such as bulk deletion and bulk movement.

Browse All API

  1. If you need to view all APIs of the current project, click the All APIs tab under the Root Directory. If you need to view all APIs under a specific directory/microservice, click on the corresponding directory.

  2. Based on the API documentation you need to view, you can modify the Table Preview Settings to display custom fields.

  3. After setting up the table header, you can filter and sort the data table according to your needs. Multiple sorting conditions can be added.

  4. The APIs tab supports keyword searches for API names and API paths.

  5. When you need to view the fields in detail in the API documentation, click on the API name/API path.

Bulk API Operations

First, select multiple API documents that you need to operate on.

Then perform batch processing according to your needs. Bulk deletion, bulk modification of API status, bulk addition of tags, bulk deletion of tags, bulk modification of responsible personnel, bulk export, and bulk movement of directories are supported!