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Import cURL

How to quickly import cURL from Chrome, Charles, Fiddler, etc:

Quick Start

  1. Copy as cURL from Chrome, Charles, Fiddler, etc.
    1. Chrome: Open the developer tools, capture packets, find the respective API request, right click on it, click on Copy, and click on Copy as cURL (as shown in the screenshot below).
    2. Charles: Capture packets, find the respective API, right click on the request, find Copy cURL Request, and click on it (as shown in the screenshot below).
    • Fiddler: Capture packets, go to the top left menu, follow File->Export Sessions->Selected Sessions, select cURL script, click Next to save it as .bat file. Use text edit tools to open the .bat file and copy the contents. (View detailed instruction here).
  2. Hover on the + sign on the left search bar, click on import cURL, or use shortcuts (Ctrl(⌘) + I).
  3. In the open window, paste the curL into the form.
  4. Click on next, and you should see the respective data has already been copied into the quick debugging page.
  5. You can directly debug the API in the quick debug page. You can also save the request to re-use it.