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Apidog is an integrated collaboration platform for API documentation, API debugging, API mocking, and API automated testing that combines Postman + Swagger + Mock + JMeter to tackle the data synchronization problem among different systems using a set of systems and a set of data. API debugging, API data mocking, and API automated testing can be directly used without redefining as long as the API documentation is well defined. After debugging, using the same tool for API documentation and API development can help confirm that everything follows the API documentation definition strictly. Apidog makes it effective, timely, and precise!

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IntroductionImport / ExportAPI Management
Quick StartImport DataAPI Design (API Documentation)
Team ManagementImport cURLAPI Debugging / API Use Cases
Release NotesExport DataPreprocessor / Postprocessor
ShortcutsCode GenerationAPI Specification
Product Roadmap Quick Request
Managing Environments
Environment Variables / Global Variables / Temporary Variables
Dynamic Variables / Random Parameters
Scripting in ApidogMocking DataTest Management
Intro to ScriptingMock FeaturesTest Case
Preprocessor ScriptSmart MockTest Data
Postprocessor Script Customized Mock ScriptPerformance Testing
Public ScriptsContinuous Integration (CI)
Script ReferencesUsing Apidog CLI
Script Examples

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