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Language Settings

To better support international teams in their development work, Apidog offers language settings in three dimensions.

Software Languages

TheSoftware language refers to the language displayed on the software tool's interface. It can be set under Settings > General > Software Language in the upper right corner of the tool. This setting only affects local use and will not impact other team members or the Online Documentation.


Project Language

The Project Language refers to the default language for automatically generated names within the project, including the default names for Response, Response Examples, Interface Use Cases, Markdown Documents, and Test Data default dataset names.

It can be set under Project Settings > Basic Settings > Project Language, and only the project administrator has the authority to modify it. This setting does not affect the Software Language. The Project Language is saved at the project level, so team members will use the same Project Language, including the Online Documentation.



It is not possible to translate data that is manually entered into the interface documentation by switching the Project Language. This will need to be translated manually.

Document Language

The Document Language refers to the language provided by the tool on the Online Documentation (which can be understood as the Software Language on the Online Documentation). It can be set under Online Sharing-Share List-Edit/New Analysis on the left-hand side.